Dark Honey

Naked you,
naked me,
naked truth.

I tell you
about my past lovers
as you kiss my nape.

You feel the pain of my heart
with your lips
on my breasts

And I stroke your ego
seeking hidden bruises
soothing them
with my tongue

Love is more
than two bodies
intertwined in lust

You strip away
your inhibitions
your masks
as you let the bareness of your body
gleam in the darkness

no light to shame
the purity of it
drops of dark honey
felt with your senses
as you grope to hold
and come away with air
feeling light in the nothingness

nothing stopping you
nothing stopping me
I know you beyond your past
and your future
in this moment of presence
where you are nothing but you
and I am nothing but me

Alejandra Quiroz

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