Our love

I love you and it is beautiful. Yesterday I saw a video of you from a different time before I knew you like I know you now; before I could feel you being right next to my heart. And you looked different. I paused for a moment. Will I like this person? I asked myself.

Our love caught up like a forest fire, fed generously by heart’s longing and words that helped fill the physical distance. Yet, the physical void still remains and I came face to face with it when I saw that video. You looked foreign and distant talking in an accent that was unfamiliar. Do I know you? I asked myself again.

This morning when I woke up I knew that I know you.

As you told me once, we are different and that’s beautiful. We relate to others in this world differently. That is beautiful too. We complement and nurture each other as we go along.

My softness nudging you to open up a little more; your focus holding me enough not to slip and fall.

My openness startling you and pushing you to make room for it at the same time. Your silence inspiring me to go deeper and explore intuition more than my words.

My yielding matched only with yours. We do not differ so much there, do we? That is how we make this music, staying apart as different strings, but playing together to create beauty.

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